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Subject: Re: Spanning index title

Bob Stayton wrote:
> This problem of making the index title span multiple columns is harder than
> it seems it should be. First, the index.div.title.properties attribute-set
> applies to the letter division titles such as A, B, C, etc.  It does not
> apply to the "Index" title.
> The problem is that a span="all" property must be on an fo:block that is the
> immediate child of fo:flow. The DocBook XSL stylesheets were not designed
> with that in mind.  The titlepage templates generate several levels of
> nested fo:block before getting to the "Index" title, so a span placed on one
> of the inner blocks simply does not work.  You have to customize the
> template that generates the page-sequence for the index, as well as the
> template named 'index.titlepage'.

Ok, thank you. Well, it will not work for article index, what
starts in article page sequence...


Regards, Vyt
mailto:  vyt@vzljot.ru
JID:     vyt@vzljot.ru

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