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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Help with aligning company logo and copyright text in PDF footer

I think you are seeing your logo graphic stacked on top of your copyright text.  That's because your copyright text is inside an fo:block, and you cannot stack fo:block's side by side.  Your graphic is in the fo:block that wraps all the content generated by the 'footer.table' templat. So the fo:block you put around your copyright text generates a line break.  You should wrap both the graphic and the text inside one fo:block that sets your properties.  That block will then extend across the page.  If you want to add space between the logo and the text, then add an fo:leader between them, something like <fo:leader leader-length="12pt"/>.
You can also add a rule that extends across the page by putting a border on that fo:block, something like:
  border-top="0.5pt solid black"
The reason user.footer.navigation doesn't work is because that template is only used in the HTML stylesheet.
Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting
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Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 5:41 PM
Subject: [docbook-apps] Help with aligning company logo and copyright text in PDF footer



I have reviewed the docs thoroughly, but can’t seem to align my company logo and the text “Copyright 2005” so that they are horizontally aligned in the footer. I also want to use a horizontal line, but this only appears in user.footer.navigation. For example:


<LOGO>   Copyright 2005  My company.


This is the code which appears in the XSL stylesheet:


<!-- Footers! -->

                        <xsl:template name="footer.table">


                                                            <xsl:when test="$pageclass = 'titlepage' and $sequence='first'">

                                                                                    <!-- no, book titlepages have no headers at all -->



                                      <fo:external-graphic height="7.3pt" scaling="uniform" src="url(images/orionlogosmall.png)" width="2.55pt">





                                    <fo:block hyphenate="false" line-height="10.3pt"  space-before="-15.0pt" margin-left="61.0pt">

                                                <fo:inline font-family="Arial, sans-serif" font-size="8.0pt">

Copyright My company International Limited.  All Rights Reserved.








Thanks for your help,



Supun Gunasena




Supun Gunasena
Technical Writer


Orion Systems International
Excellence in Health Innovation

Orion Systems International

Skype: skypeID Phone: +64 9 6380600 Fax: +64 9 6380699 Email: Supun.Gunasena@orionhealth.com
2nd Floor, Orion House, cnr Enfield & Mary St, Mt Eden, PO Box 8273, Auckland, New Zealand. http://www.orionhealth.com

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