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Subject: biblio collection and HTML transform errors

I'm guessing that I'm missing something simple, but here's the  
problem I'm having...

I'm using a single biblio collection for all of my coursework,  
defined in my customization layer as:

     <!-- Grab my biblio collection -->
     <xsl:param name="bibliography.collection"

I have a reference in my text as follows:

Practically Networked<xref linkend="pracnetxp"/>

And the biblio setup in the document is:

   <bibliomixed id="pracnetxp"/>

This works fine when transforming to PDF, but when transforming to  
HTML, I get the following error as part of the HTML output:
[pracnetxp] Error: no bibliography entry: pracnetxp found in http:// 

What is it that.... hmmm, am I missing an HTML customization?


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