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Subject: olink for generating href links


I'm using 1.68.1 stylesheets, and saxon.

I would like to generate HTML href links using the olink element. My paths
for the target are specified as external entity:

Example (one out of 400):
	<!ENTITY e1800001 SYSTEM "/path/to/file.zip" NDATA SGML>

and I'm calling out the olink:
	<olink targetdocent="e1800001">Device Driver</olink>

and it's generating this:
	<a href="/cgi-bin/olink?sysid=" class="olink">Device Driver</a>

I want this:
	<a href="/path/to/file.zip" class="olink">Device Driver</a>

I don't know if this is what olinks are for, but I didn't want to have to go
thru all my xml to update links when they change. Instead, I pull a report
from our database, and it gives me the about 400+ entities that then I paste
into my entitiy section. (the ids won't change). By doing this, it changes a
1 day job into a 5 minute task.

How can I get this to work?


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