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Subject: methodsynopsis - const method in c++

How can I stop the stylesheets from lumping all the modifiers for a 
methodsynopsis at the start of the html output?

i.e. virtual = 0 method(param...)

instead of

virtual method(param...) = 0

Is anyone working on this?

it appears that this is done in the

<xsl:template mode="cpp" 
  <xsl:variable name="modifiers" select="modifier"/>
  <xsl:variable name="notmod" select="*[name(.) != 'modifier']"/>

template in synop.xsl

Would it be possible to create a post_modifiers variable by getting any 
modifiers after the last "methodparam" in the methodsynopsis node and a 
pre_modifiers for all before the "methodname"? If so any hints on how to 
do this would be appreciated.

Many Thanks
Simon Kennedy

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