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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: SGML to XML: Should I switch? How to switch?

Euis Luhuanam wrote:
> Can anyone tell me exactly, what parameters should I
> use with jade/jadetex, to make "test.pdf" from "test.xml" ?

The jade tools only deal in SGML.  If you want to use DocBook XML, you 
must use an XSL-FO processor and optionally a standalone XSLT processor.

Personally, I use xsltproc for my XSLT processor, and FOP for my XSL-FO 
processor, and it works reasonably well.  The simplest commands for this 
toolchain are:

     xsltproc doc.xml > doc.fo
     $(FOPDIR)/fop.sh -fo doc.fo doc.pdf

$(FOPDIR) is wherever you unpacked the FOP binary distribution.

Getting FOP set up isn't trivial, but not a major project either.  You 
unpack the compiled version of FOP somewhere (doesn't matter where), 
install a Java runtime if you don't have one already, and set your 
JAVA_HOME environment variable to the directory containing the Java bin 

Once you've got that working, you can try adding more command line 
parameters, adding customization layers, etc.

If this doesn't work, post the errors you are getting.  We can't guess.

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