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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Refentry, man pages, and DocBook XSL 1.69.0

Paul DuBois <paul@kitebird.com> writes:

> My main difficulty with the manpages stylesheet actually stems from the
> stylesheet itself but with the DocBook DTD.  I have a long reference manual
> that contains some sections that describe programs and how to invoke them.
> That is, these sections have content from which I want to produce manpages.
> (The source document is dual purpose: I want to generate both the long
> manual, and also a set of manpages.)
> Unfortunately, several of these program-description sections occur at the
> same "level" and in the same chapter as non-manpage sections.  It appears
> that the DocBook DTD doesn't allow <section> and <refentry> to occur at the
> same level within the same parent.  That means I cannot markup the
> program-description sections to use <refentry> rather than <section>.

So you could do this:

    <title>The dog program</title>
        <refpurpose>better than cat </refpurpose>

That is, make the Refentry a child of a Section.



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