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Subject: customizing olink.doctitle gentext


I use the olink.doctitle option to make my external olinks contain the 
document title of the referenced document.

But I don't like the default style of text that is automatically generated for 
the link. Currently it is something like

Chapter 16, "Foo and bar" in Reference Manual

I want it to look like

Reference Manual, Chapter 16, "Foo and bar"

I've seen the gentext templates

<l:template name="olink.document.citation" text=" in %o"/>
<l:template name="docname" text=" in %o"/>

but they don't help me here because they seem to imply that they are appended 
to the regular olink text. How can I change that to prepend?

I do not want to change the style on a per-olink basis but for the whole 
document at once (I don't want to set a xrefstyle on every olink).

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,


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