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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] missing targetdatabase.dtd?

Webmaster <Webmaster@comtrol.com> writes:

> I'm trying to use the website that was included with docbook 1.69.1, and it
> doesn't seem to have targetdatabase.dtd.  I'm wondering if it was omitted on
> purpose, or forgotten?

hmm, targetdatabase.dtd is a part of the XSL stylesheet distro,
not the Website distro. Isn't it?

Anyway, in the XSL distro, there is a targetdatabase.dtd file in
the common/ subdirectory.

Also note that I packaged only the XSL stylesheets and images from
Website into the 1.69.0 XSL release. Note that we still don't have
a consensus among the developers for the project that packaging
the Website stylesheets with the XSL stylesheets is the right way
to go. I packaged them in this release just to see if anybody
might actually try them, and if so, to find out what problems they
might run into. So thanks for giving them a try.

If/when we do end up making the Website stylesheets a part of the
XSL distro, we most likely will not be including any of the
DTD/schema files from Website into the XSL distro. The Website DTD/
schema files will remain as a separate package, versioned
separately from the XSL stylesheets.



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