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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] chapter headers on pages

Op 2-okt-2005, om 8:32 heeft Bob Stayton het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Tom,
> I suspect you switched from single sided output to double-sided  
> output.  The
> default headers are different for those two styles.  The chapter  
> title is
> used for single-sided and the section title for double-sided.

That is not it (as far as I c an tell the output is still single- 
sided; the problem is that no header appears at all).

I should have been more specific:
It is a problem with the output by fop .
   If I have it generate a PDF directly, it shows chapter headers at  
the top of all subsequent pages.  However, that output does not  
render EPS drawings.  So I need to use fop to generate Postscript  
first and then convert to PDF.  Now my problem is that fop does not  
put in the chapter headers at the top of the pages when generating  
Postscript output.  I have the impression that it is a lay-out issue:  
the line separating the header from the text is present at the very  
top of each page.
I am using the same old current fop 0.20.5, I only switched from  
Linux to Mac OSX.

What can I do?

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