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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] chapter headers on pages

Op 3-okt-2005, om 17:48 heeft Bob Stayton het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Tom,
> I see.  It wasn't that the header text was missing, it was that the  
> top of
> the page was being cut off.
> This turns out to be a page size problem.  You A4 pages are being  
> rendered
> to 8.5 x 11 inch pages.  You can check that by looking at the document
> properties in the PDF browser.  In Acrobat Distiller, I was able to  
> set the
> page size to the A4 dimensions and then the header appears as it  
> should.
> The PostScript file seems to be specifying a page bounding box with A4
> dimensions, so I can't explain why that isn't used by the PS to PDF
> conversion.  You might check the FOP doc to see if there is some  
> FOP option
> for setting that for PS output.
> P.S.  When you get this working, could you follow up with the  
> resolution on
> docbook-apps?  Thanks.

This seems partly to be a display problem.  Mac OSX's `Preview`  
doesn't show Postscript, but converts it to PDF; however it chokes in  
what it brews from the .PS that comes out of fop (in fact, it chokes  
in most Postscript files that I feed it).
The general Unix `ghostview` from Darwinports unless told otherwise  
insists on displaying this on Letter, which makes the headers drop  
off, even though the "%%PageBoundingBox: 0 0 595 842" fits A4.

Likewise de ps2pdf from Darwinports makes PDF for Letter.  However,  
the ps2pdf I have on (Ubuntu/Debian) Linux properly converts the .PS  
to PDF for A4.  That PDF file is properly displayed by MacOSX  
`Preview` with the page headers.

So this seems a peculiar Darwinports problem; I'll see if I can file  
a bug report.

Thanx to Bob for checking the files in an alternate environment.

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