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Subject: Manpages, cmdsynopsis and sbr


I have found the following formatting error when using <sbr/> in 
cmdsynopsis, for manpages.

DocBook code:

   <arg choice="opt">-s, --start</arg><sbr/>
   <arg choice="opt">-k, --stop</arg><sbr/>
   <arg choice="opt">-h, --help</arg><sbr/>
   <arg choice="opt">-V, --version</arg>

The roff output is the following:

.ad l
.HP 7
\fBbdmond\fR [\-s,\ \-\-start]
  [\-k,\ \-\-stop]
  [\-h,\ \-\-help]
  [\-V,\ \-\-version]

As you can see, in front of the '[' character from the arguments, at the 
beginning of the line, after the '.br' lines, there is an empty space. 
When processed, the text is this one:

        bdmond [-s, --start]
                [-k, --stop]
                [-h, --help]
                [-V, --version]

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