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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Tool to query dtd/schema for valid element children|attributes[SOLVED]

Michael Smith wrote:

>>'flatten' also succeeded in flattening the local copy of db4.2.  You may 
>>be interested to know that, oddly enough, 'flatten' fails on my default 
>>Debian/testing system when given either public or system ID:
>That is expected, actually. It is intended strictly to be used
>with an absolute or relative local-system pathname as its single
>argument. I guess it could be made to handle
>command-line-specified remote system IDs correctly, and, without
>too much more work, public IDs (just by passing everything as-is
>to xmlcatalog). Or at least it could include a usage statement to
>make it clear what the usage is :)
>But, to be fair, I think when Norm wrote it, it was intended just
>to be used as a project-internal tool for building the flattened
>Website and Slides DTDs.

Norm's original version fails to resolve the correct system url.  This 
is due to a rather nasty hack in the script which he (fairly) labelled 

Your patched script with the call to xmlcatalog resolved the correct 
system ID perfectly.  The problem was with the system ID url/catalog 

>The reason is that you have http://oasis-open.org/... in the
>command line, but the Debian catalogs have http://www.oasis-open.org/...

Ding, ding! Lightbulbs go on!  So obvious in hindsight.  Thanks for 
catching that.  My problem is now completely solved.


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