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Subject: Full text justification control with long URLs


I was wondering if there was any XSL control to limit full justification when the % of white space is big.  What I get is that some lines in my FO/PDF have a URL after some text and the words before the URL gets way to many white spaces to make the text full fustified across the screen, otherwise a word can be nicely hyphenated.  I saw this but I don't know if it is what is needed since it just adds a space between each letter. http://www.dpawson.co.uk/docbook/styling/fo.html#d2635e175 

Maybe there is a way to force hyphenation?  If the link itself is long it is nicely wrapped but it is always starting on a new line and the text before it is just spread across the line. 

And, in a comment probably showing my ignorance of XML, is there any XSL conversion from docbook to SVG?  

Shawn Giese

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