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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Appendix subtitles

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Bob Stayton wrote:

> Hi Kevin, The 'appendix' information in the titlepage spec file is
> for an appendix in a book, and those specs or generated templates
> are not used for an appendix inside an article. The spec file
> system doesn't currently handle context specifications like this:
> <t:titlepage t:element="article/appendix" ...
> The same is true for the section element, which should have
> different title specs for different nesting levels.
> The template that handles an appendix in an article has
> match="article/appendix" in fo/component.xsl. You will have to
> customize that template to add processing of subtitle.
> You might also file a feature request on the DocBook SourceForge
> site to enable the titlepage spec mechanism to handle elements in
> context.

Excellent, thanks. I've now got it working for PDF output.

I'm also producing XHTML output, though, and I can't find any similar
rules in the XHTML stylesheets; yet the titlepage customization still
doesn't work there. Any suggestions?

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Kevin R. Bullock

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