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Subject: Converting a Java JTextPane into DocBook XML

Has anyone attempted to convert the underlying 
StyledDocument of a Java JTextPane into DocBook XML?  
Or, has anyone created a DocBook XML editor kit like
the HTML editor kit for a JEditorPane?

I am considering developing a Java Swing GUI
application that writers in our company
would use to generate DocBook XML.
The Java GUI would let the writer navigate
to an item that they need to document
and then provide a simple editor to do the writing.

For example, let's say a writer was documenting
an automobile manual. The GUI would let them
point-and-click to:

Car -> Interior -> Dashboard -> Check Engine Light

Then, there would be a JTextPane that allows
the writer to enter the documentation for
the Check Engine Light.  Since the JTextPane
allows you to use styles, the writer would
see sort of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get 
editor for the selected item.

A writer's "chunk of documentation" would be limited
to using the following Styles and DocBook elements:

Style / DocBook element
paragraph / <para>
bulletedlist / <itemizedlist>
numberedlist / <orderedlist>
note / <note>
image / <mediaobject>
table / <table>

I think the paragraph, bulletedlist, numberedlist,
note, and image would be relatively straight forward.
I'm not sure about the table though.  It would probably
have to be done using a JTable component, but
that wouldn't be easy.  Unfortunately, tables are
required for this application to work well.

Don Adams

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