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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] book titlepage image

Op 13-okt-2005, om 2:16 heeft kenvm97 het volgende geschreven:

> Please Help!
> I have been trying to add a full page background image to the cover  
> of my book.
> I am using docbook 4.2, xsl stylesheets 1.68.1, and fop 0.20.5.
> I have tried the following things that have not worked:
> * http://www.dpawson.co.uk/docbook/styling/titlepage.html: Images  
> on the
> titlepage
> * http://www.dpawson.co.uk/docbook/styling/titlepage.html: Full  
> page cover with
> background image
> * read throught almost all of Bob Stayton's DocBook XSL on his web  
> site.
> * created an test.xml test file that rendered a mediaobject in an  
> article,
> which worked fine using the html/docbook.xsl when rendered in my  
> browser.
> Everything I have tried always gives me the same response:
>    [ERROR] Variable accessed before it is bound!
> I have very successful using the resources available in formatting  
> the book and
> customizing the layout, but this I haven't been able to solve.

I don't know about that particular error, but instead could you try  
using your background image as a watermark?  There is some code for  
that in the standard .xsl style sheets.  Specifically, I have a  
print.xsl which may have:
<xsl:param name="draft.watermark.image"></xsl:param>

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