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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Customising Title Pages Tutorial?

Hi Paul,
Customizing titlepages is not that hard as it seems. I try to explanin
how I did it.

Are you familiar with the concept of XSL customization layers? If not,
try to get an overview on that topic.
To customize a titlepage you should build up such a customization layer,
e.g. by lets say defining a custom.xsl file (e.g. in cstm_xsl/html). 
Custom.xsl might look like this:
<stylesheet ...
<xsl:import href="../docbook-xsl/html/docbook.xsl"/>

1) Add <xsl:include href="cstm_titlepages.xsl"/> to your customization
layer. As you will see cstm_titlepages.xsl is the file we will generate
later on.
2) Copy titlepage.templates.xml in XSL distribution to your
cstm_xsl/html dir. Name it e.g. cstm_titlepage.templates.xml.
3) Perform your changes in the cstm_titlepage.templates.xml file, e.g.
4) Then call

xsltproc -output cstm_titlepages.xsl
../../docbook-xsl/template/titlepage.xsl cstm_titlepage.templates.xml

That sould result into a file called cstm_titlepages.xsl (the one we
included in step 1)) which keeps xsl templates with the changes you made
in the xml templates file. Be sure to call xsltproc from your
cstm_xsl/html directory. Otherwise the output might be placed in
anywhere (e.g. your home dir).
5) From now on you should call cstm_xsl/html/custom for DB2HTML
transformation instead of docbook-xsl/html/docbook.xsl.

Hope this works for you.

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From: Paul Moloney [mailto:paul_moloney@hotmail.com] 
Sent: Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2005 17:24
To: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [docbook-apps] Customising Title Pages Tutorial?

Hi all,

I'm attempting to set up a docbook
environment that uses XMLMind, xsltproc
& fop, with varying degrees of success.
One area which has completly stumped me so far has been trying to
customise title pages.

I've been following this page
but with not much luck; my XSLT knowledge is still fairly bitty.

Is there a tutorial out there on how to completely customise such a
page, with a detailed run-through example? 

Thanks in advance,



"All artists are willing to suffer for their art. So few are willing to
learn to draw."

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