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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XML editor with a quesiton about the WordML style sheets

Scott wrote:
> Since this thread has been extended, I would like to ask if anyone has
> an idea when the WordML to Docbook (vice-versa) style sheets are going
> to be finalized. I guess this is related to the next style sheet
> release.
> Is there some documentation about the concept behind DB to WML/WML  
> to DB
> and maybe what the limited subset that Steve talks about below?  
> Should I
> just go look in the source? What is the status of the WordML style
> sheets in the DocBook CVS?
> My primary Goal here is to get the documents out of Word and into
> docbook, but being able to go back and forth sounds very nice. It  
> would
> be a relief to have a quick and brilliantly thought out, comprehensive
> way to do this.

Well, time will tell how well thought out it is ;-)

The DocBook roundtripping stylesheets are now in the snapshot build  
and thus will be included in the next release.  The reason I have not  
announced them yet is that there is still work to do on the  
documentation; dealing with exactly the issues that you raise.  To  
get an idea of the underlying concept, look at the specifications.xml  
document in the wordml subdirectory.

Briefly, although I am still adding support for more DocBook elements  
(right now, callouts), I and some of my clients are already using the  
stylesheets in production.  Essentially, I'm working on supporting  
the 'Simplified DocBook' subset first; you may not see support for  
things like "ooclass" for quite some time.

One thing I should mention is that the roundtripping stylesheets are  
not intended as a complete replacement for a fully-featured XML  
editor; there is definitely a need and a place for XML Mind/XML Spy/ 
Eclipse/etc.  We're trying to fill a need in a niche for simple  
editing of a (useful) subset of DocBook.

Steve Ball


Steve Ball            |   XSLT Standard Library   | Training & Seminars
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