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Subject: articel cover / titlepage

Hello again,

We've come some steps further.

We're using docbook.xsl-1.69.1. When generating mytitlepages.xsl for FO, it
complains about exsl not being defined as a namespace.
This was 'solved' by adding it manually.

The books indicates we can add
<xsl:include href="mytitlepages.xsl"/> (Chapter 10, page 137)
to our customization layer.
This results in an error. Seemingly, mytitlepages also imports something.
This was solved using
<xsl:import href="mytitlepages.xsl"/>

We were able to create a custom article page. Next step is to figure out how to 
get address info from the docbook.xml onto the front page...

Friendly greetings, Robert-Reinder Nederhoed


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