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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Customisation of title page not working in DocBook SGML

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jeremy Malcolm 
> I posted this message first to comp.text.sgml and then to 
> docbook@lists.oasis-open.org, but I didn't receive any
> replies so I'm reposting again to this list.

I guess that relatively few people are well-versed in DSSSL these days and
that interest and usage is on the wane.

> I am trying to customise a book title page, and my driver 
> file contains
> this:
> ;; add bibliomisc element to title page
> (define (book-titlepage-recto-elements)
>  (list (normalize "title")
>        (normalize "subtitle")
>        (normalize "graphic")
>        (normalize "mediaobject")
>        (normalize "corpauthor")
>        (normalize "authorgroup")
>        (normalize "author")
>        (normalize "editor")
>        (normalize "bibliomisc")))
> (mode book-titlepage-recto-mode
>  (element bibliomisc
>    (make paragraph
>      font-size: (HSIZE 6)
>      font-weight: 'bold
>      (process-children)))
> )
> The title page does not include my bibliomisc element, though (other
> changes made in the same file do work though, so I know it's being
> processed).  What am I missing?

In dbttlpg.dsl, bibliomisc is defined as an element that may appear on a
title page. But it is also "expanded" (bibliomisc itself is not processed,
only its children), which makes things a little more complicated.

If you add the following to your driver, it will work as you expected (I
;; Do not expand bibliomisc: the '(normalize "bibliomisc")' line is
commented out.
;; Bookbiblio is an obsolete element, btw. 
(define (titlepage-nodelist elements nodelist)
  ;; We expand BOOKBIBLIO, BIBLIOMISC, and BIBLIOSET in the element
  ;; list because that level of wrapper usually isn't significant.
  (let ((exp-nodelist (expand-children nodelist (list (normalize
    (if %titlepage-in-info-order%
	(titlepage-gi-list-by-nodelist elements exp-nodelist)
 	(titlepage-gi-list-by-elements elements exp-nodelist))))


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