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Subject: 2 Titlepage in FO questions


I have two questions regarding a custom titlepage in FO:
Question the first)
I have a customization layer and have created a template and generated it to 
a stylesheet using template/titlepage.xsl but and have put in the things I 
want on my titlepage.
However, I have an image and I'd like to either:
a) put it at the bottom of the page
b) separate it from the title (which is above it) with a margin

I've tried putting a margin-top on the block but it doesn't work. 
margin-left does work... so I'm not sure what's going wrong.

Question the second)
I realize that on a book you can have verso and recto content. What if I 
want a single-sided titlepage? I've made my verso element empty, but that 
just makes a blank page after the recto page. Is there any way to get rid of 
this? I've set double.sided to 0 but it still doesn't do anything.


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