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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] xpointer problem with refentry (duh)

Hi All,

I'm embarrassed, and apologise to everyone for wasting their time.
The solution was two-fold and very simple:

1. Do not work so late at night
2. Do not forget to add $(XSLTPROC_FLAGS) [--nonet --xinclude] 
in the Makefile for the 'make man-docs' target.

Michael: the reason it worked fine for the 'make html-docs' target was, of 
course, that $(XSLTPROC_FLAGS) was present.

Again, apologies all round.  Will try to go to bed earlier in future.
Of course, if someone would give us some $$$$s, then we could give up our day 
jobs and just work on valgrind instead (I wish).


There is not a shred of evidence to suggest 
that life should be taken seriously

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