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Subject: Titlepage customization

Hi @all,

I have a little problem with a titelpage customization. On the  
book.title.verso page I have the element abstract, legalnotice and  

After processing the docbook with XEP to pdf I have following result:  
abstract writen in bold line-break abtracttext. This is what  I want.

The legalnotice has no title legalnotice and the revhistory has a  
title but not in bold and no line-break after it. But I want  
legalnotive and revhistory rendered like abstract. I looked in  
titelpage.xsl but do not found the point to change legalnotice and  
revhistory to look like abstract. Can someone help?

My Enviroment:
DocBook EBNF Module V1.1CR1 DTD
DocBook XSL Stylesheet Release 1.69.1
XEP 4.4

With best regards


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