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Subject: Re: Roundtripping DocBook to/from Word

Hi Steve,

I have been looking forward to try-out you DocBook/WML, but just
discovered you do not support Chapter/Appendix although you do support the
Book element. I will have to see if I can write these templates.

N.B. According to http://www.explain.com.au/oss/docbook/supported.html,
both chapter and appendix are supported

By default you param.xsl set the wordml.template to

  <xsl:param name="wordml.template" select=""/>

If you want to define the empty string, you should properly use

  <xsl:param name="wordml.template" select="''"/>

instead, otherwise e.g. Saxon dies.

It was not immediately obvious, what value to use here, but it must be the
following value, I should use

  <xsl:param name="wordml.template" select="'template.xml'"/>

Some of my documents contains XML processing instruction, which I would
like to keep even if I transform them from DocBook to Word and back again.
Is the a Word ML (cover it all element), just like the \special macro in TeX

Most documents contains graphics in one form or another. Word will not for
a forseable future (if ever) support my SVG figures, but I will properly
have to enclose a kind of BASE64 raster versions of my images. Will that
be possible with an implementation of a imagedata template, and will I be
able to "reverse" my BASE64 spec/or reference to a raster image back to a
reference to my svg file ?

Should the files specification.xml and supported.xml located in wordml/
not be moved to docsrc/ and included in the document generation process ?



On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Steve Ball wrote:

> A set of XSL stylesheets has been developed by Steve Ball,
> in conjunction with Bob Stayton, that allows DocBook
> documents to be transformed into Microsoft Word (WordML),
> or Apple Pages, documents.  There are also stylesheets
> included that transform WordML, or Pages, documents into
> DocBook.
> These stylesheets, and the styles that they rely on,
> have been designed to allow DocBook documents to be
> "round-tripped" through Word.  That is, a DocBook document
> can be transformed into Word and then transformed back into
> DocBook without loss of structure or data.  The aim is to
> allow a commonly available word processor to be used to
> edit DocBook documents.
> See http://www.explain.com.au/oss/docbook/ for notes on how to
> use the stylesheets, along with which DocBook elements
> are currently supported.
> The XSL stylesheets are being distributed as part of the
> DocBook XSL SourceForge project.  The next release will
> include the stylesheets in the "wordml" subdirectory.
> In the meantime use the snapshot build at:
> http://docbook.sourceforge.net/snapshots/
> Enjoy,
> Steve Ball
> ---
> Steve Ball            |   XSLT Standard Library   | Training & Seminars
> Explain         |     Web Tcl Complete      |   XML XSL Schemas
> http://www.explain.com.au/ |      TclXML TclDOM        | Tcl, Web
> Development
> Steve.Ball@explain.com.au  +---------------------------
> +---------------------
> Ph. +61 2 6242 4099   |   Mobile (0413) 594 462   | Fax +61 2 6242 4099
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