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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Re: Roundtripping DocBook to/from Word

> BTW, I'd like to use the SourceForge bug/RFE tracking system for
> these issues.  I'll look into what is needed to set that up.
> > By default you param.xsl set the wordml.template to
> >
> >   <xsl:param name="wordml.template" select=""/>
> >
> > If you want to define the empty string, you should properly use
> >
> >   <xsl:param name="wordml.template" select="''"/>
> >
> > instead, otherwise e.g. Saxon dies.
> I can't see that problem.  It is defined that way in params/
> wordml.template.xml,
> and my copy of param.xsl has:
> <xsl:param name='wordml.template'/>
> <xsl:param name='pages.template'/>
> That should be OK.
> > It was not immediately obvious, what value to use here, but it must
> > be the
> > following value, I should use
> >
> >   <xsl:param name="wordml.template" select="'template.xml'"/>
> I've tried to make that clear in the documentation on the Explain
> website.

FWIW, I also hit the select="" problem using Saxon and did the same
thing to work around it. Your docs were useful (I was passing in the
template param on the command line). Perhaps the select="" thing only
shows up in the snapshot builds and so you don't see it on your dev box?

Btw., thank you very much for your work in creating these xsls and for
making them available and maintaining them. They should be very useful
for many people.


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