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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] TOC entries for Apendices

Hi Ron,
1.  When I process an article containing multiple appendices with version
1.69.1 of the stylesheets, I get appedices numbered A, B, etc.  I don't know
how you are getting numbers.  *However*, any sections within the appendices
use arabic numbers in place of the letters, which is clearly a bug.

2.  To add "Appendix" to your toc, you can customize each line of the TOC
using the template named 'toc.line' from autotoc.xsl, which is used to form
each line of the TOC.  For an example, see:


In your case, you want put an xsl:choose inside the body of the label

<xsl:variable name="label">
    <xsl:when test="self::appendix">
      <xsl:call-template name="gentext">
        <xsl:with-param name="key">appendix</xsl:with-param>
      <xsl:text> </xsl:text>
      <xsl:apply-templates select="."  mode="label.markup"/>
      <xsl:apply-templates select="."  mode="label.markup"/>

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Ron Catterall" <ron@catterall.net>
To: <docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 7:00 AM
Subject: [docbook-apps] TOC entries for Apendices

> Query 1
> When I use <xsl:param name="appendix.autolabel" select="1" /> in my
> customisation layer, in a book I get appendices labeled A, B, C, etc
> in the TOC.
> But when I use it in an article, the appendices are numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.
> How do I get appendices labeled A, B, C, in an article?
> Query 2
> How do I get TOC entries as Appendix A (not just A) in an article and
> in a book.
> (I have read Bob's book on this, but I didn't find it much help)
> Can anyone help?
> Ron
> I'm using Saxon 6.5.4 in Oxygen 6.2 with all defaults except XEP for
> FO, Docbook 4.4
> -- 
> Ron Catterall, Phd, DSc email: ron@catterall.net
> Prolongacion de Hidalgo 140 http://catterall.net/
> San Felipe del Agua tel: +52 951 520 1821
> Oaxaca      68020 Mexico fax: +1 530 348 8309
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