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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Illegal Unit of Measure With xmlto Going to PDF

At 12:27 PM +0900 12/13/05, Michael Smith wrote:
>Harry Goldschmitt <harry@hgac.com> writes:
>>  As far as I can tell the bad images were created with snapshot
>>  (ksnapshot?) on Linux.  The only difference between the "good" and
>>  "bad" pngs is that the ones have bounding boxes with 0,0 origins and
>>  the bad ones don't.  I have tracked the problems to passiveTeX where
>>  it has been reported since 2000.  However when I use xmlto fo, fop
>>  also has a problem with the pngs.
>As far as I know, xmlto uses Passivetex for generating PDF output,
>not FOP.
>   --Mike
>Michael Smith

Yes, but as a work around, I tried generating an fo.  I then ran fop 
with Jimi and it complained about bounding boxes with only the bad 
graphics.  OpenJade just worked.


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