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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] why does qandaset suck so badly?

On 12/13/05 14:05, "Jason Novotny" <novotny@aei.mpg.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to use the docbook qandaset element. At first it was great,
> however I just tried adding yet another Q and A
> <qandaentry>
>    <question>
>       ...
>    </question>
>    <answer>
>       ...
>    </answer>
> </qandaentry>
> to my list and I keep getting
> [java] org.apache.fop.apps.FOPException:
> file:/home/gridsphere/WWW/cvs.gridsphere.org/software/gridsphere-docs/docs/doc
> book/FAQ/html/FAQ.fop:9:178
> The id "N1000F" already exists in this document

Ah, yes.  Many of us have encounterd this, which appears to be a FOP

I work around it by running a preprocessing step that maps the qanda
elements to a list of paragraphs.  Loses some of the semantics, but it
allows the document to be written with the desired qanda structure and if
FOP ever gets fixed, I can just remove that part of the preprocessing and
get the "true" semantics. :-)

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