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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] small docbook customization layer for businessletters

I think Oxygen 6.2 is all set up to allow you to keep your RELAX NG 
schemas separate.

>Below please find my first cut at a RELAXNG schema that provides an extremely
>thin customization layer on top of Docbook 5.0b1 for business letters.
>I hope you might find it interesting.  Any and all comments welcome.
>I myself was quite pleased with how easy it is to create such 
>Docbook-based schemata (less than 50 LOC)!
>All my custom elements are in the "l:" namespace, and the docbook 
>references start with "db."
>My biggest issue right now is trying to figure out if there is a 
>RELAXNG validator out there
>with XML catalog support, so I can keep my schema files separate 
>from thirdparty ones....
>  <include href="docbook.rng">
>    <start>
>      <element name="l:letter">
>        <a:documentation>A business letter</a:documentation>
>       <ref name="db._info"/>
>       <element name="l:sender">
>          <a:documentation>The person sending the letter</a:documentation>
>          <ref name="db.personname"/>
>          <ref name="db.affiliation"/>
>          <ref name="db.address"/>
>       </element>
>       <element name="l:addressee">
>          <a:documentation>The party to whom the letter is 
>         <choice>
>            <group>
>               <ref name="db.personname"/>
>               <ref name="db.affiliation"/>
>             </group>
>            <ref name="db.orgname"/>
>          </choice>
>         <ref name="db.address"/>
>        </element>
>       <optional>
>          <element name="l:regarding">
>             <a:documentation>A short summary of what this letter is 
>about, usually printed in the form of "RE: blah"</a:documentation>
>            <oneOrMore><ref name="db.all.blocks"/></oneOrMore>
>          </element>
>        </optional>
>         <element name="l:salutation"><text/></element>
>       <element name="l:body">
>          <a:documentation>The main body of the letter</a:documentation>
>         <oneOrMore><ref name="db.all.blocks"/></oneOrMore>
>    </element>
>    <element name="l:closing"><text/></element>
>    <element name="l:signature">
>        <ref name="db.personname"/>
>         <optional><ref name="db.affiliation"/></optional>
>      </element>
>      </element>
>    </start>
>  </include>
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Ron Catterall, Phd, DSc				email: ron@catterall.net
Prolongacion de Hidalgo 140				http://catterall.net/
San Felipe del Agua					tel: +52 951 520 1821
Oaxaca      68020	Mexico				fax: +1 530 348 8309

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