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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] more than 15 callouts?

> How is the conversion done please?

From SVG to PNG ?
With the Inkscape under Linux. Commadline interface. There might be
other tools but this worked, so I used it.

SVG is created in the script with the Perl XML modules.
One might want to update the doctype etc...

> Would it be any easier if it were used in two groups?
> I.e. one group/script with one digit 1-9
> then a second run for :-) 10-99

Well, the current reads Norms emacs Unicode list [1] as you see, and
generate the bullets from there, but of course it would be
possible to use a loop instead.

It would not be hard to adjust the script to do 1-10000 if needed.
(If one has space for 10000 small icons.. )

One has to adjust the loop and the generation of the $file
and $num variables. They are now the result of a regexp reading each
line of the Unicode file. (also maybe need to scale the text part in the
SVG according to number size. )

It was just a test, and it currently relies very much on Perl and

> Did the png's come out the same size as Norm's? 12x12 as I see it?

One picks the size one wants by adjustig the measurements in the script
and the DPI in the call to Inkscape.

If you followed the link you see the script and an example of the
output. That image is 177x177 but that is just so that one can see the
details better. Colors and size is adjustable.

As it is SVG it can be scaled to any PNG size.

I do not have the correct applications installed here on my laptop and
can not test it right now, but I think all tools are availble as
packages under Debian.

[1] http://nwalsh.com/emacs/xmlchars/index.html

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