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Subject: Adding a new generated list - like lists of "formal" elements

I am trying to help convert a functional specification written in MS
Word to DocBook.  One of the document structures in the Word version is
a generated table at the beginning of the specification that compiles a
list of design issues.  The design issues are tagged with a distinctive
paragraph style.  The generated list is exactly like a list of tables or
a list of figures.  In Word, it's simple to add a generated table and
specify which paragraph styles that it should include.

None of the "formal" DocBook elements (figure, table, example, equation,
procedure) have the correct semantics to hold what the "issues" in the
functional specification.

Is there a way in DocBook to add a new generated table of specific
elements?  I guess I could instruct the authors to encode issues as one
of the existing formal elements and then change the heading for the
generated table to "issues."  But that would be an unhappy solution.
Maybe I could customize the XSLT template to create a table of
formalpara elements at the beginning of the book.

Has anyone encountered a need like this?

Thanks for your help.

Peter Desjardins
SupplyScape Corporation

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