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Subject: Context-Sensitive Applethelp With Contents and Index Pane

Does anyone know how to call a specific html file into the right-hand pane
of the help generated from the applethelp.xsl stylesheet while also loading
the contents and index pane? I essentially need context-sensitive
applethelp, where our application can directly call a specific feature's
(html) help file in the right pane while _also_ loading the contents and
index pane on the left. 

The simplest way I'm imagining is by calling the specific file name after
the index.html file name (e.g.
file://///server/path/index.html#feature_help_file.html which is how
RoboHelp WebHelp invokes a specific help html file, and doesn't seem to be
working with applethelp). (I get that RoboHelp uses Javascript to load the
pane files, while applethelp uses Java...). I need to call the help file
from our application, preferably in the form of a URL.

I've looked at the contents.pane.html and other applethelp related files and
they look so simple that I should be able to figure this out but can't. I'm
a complete beginner when it comes to java too...



Scott Eck
Documentation Specialist
Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.

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