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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] table font sizes in dsssl

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kevin Dunn 
> Where are the font sizes for tables specified in the modular 
> print dsssl stylesheets? The problem I am having is that 
> table titles are rendedered in a slightly smaller font than 
> the table headers, which looks a little goofy. I need to 
> either make the titles larger or the headers smaller.

You can modify table titles by customizing the rule for tables in
print/dbblock.dsl (line 330 and down). Change the font size by adding a line
to the definition of title-sosofo. For example: 

  (title-sosofo (make paragraph
                   font-size: 14pt ; MJ added this one
                   font-weight: %table-title-font-weight%
			 space-before: (if (object-title-after)
			 space-after: (if (object-title-after)
			 start-indent: (indent)
			  keep-with-next?: (not (object-title-after))
			  (literal (gentext-element-name (current-node)))
			  (if (string=? (element-label) "")
			      (literal nsep)
			      (literal " " (element-label) nsep))


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