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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Resources for Simplified DocBook v5?


Recently I developed a set of stylesheets that convert DocBook to MS  
WordML (and Apple Pages), and also from WordML back to DocBook,  
achieving "roundtripping" of a document.  It would be good to also  
support OpenDocument for roundtripping.  Are you planning on doing  
the reverse transformation as well?

Steve Ball


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On 18/01/2006, at 5:23 AM, Daniel Carrera wrote:

> Hi all,
> I plan to take a shot at writing an XSLT from DocBook to  
> OpenDocument format. I figure I should do version 5, and that I  
> should start with Simplified DocBook and expand it later.
> I'm having trouble finding resources besides the DTDs. I'd like to  
> find some sample documents and some tutorials on Simplified Docbook  
> - whichever version corresponds to DocBook v5. Any pointers?
> Am I right to assume that there /is/ a version of Simplified  
> DocBook that corresponds to a proper subset of DocBook v5? Or do I  
> have to choose between v5 and Simplified?
> Any help would be most appreciated.

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