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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Resources for Simplified DocBook v5?


Yes, the reverse transform is the hard part!  Please let me know when  
you have completed the first part, and then maybe you'll have worked  
up the courage to tackle the second part ;-)

BTW, the reverse will probably not be too bad since I've done the  
hard work for you...

Steve Ball

On 18/01/2006, at 6:50 AM, Daniel Carrera wrote:

> Steve Ball wrote:
>> Recently I developed a set of stylesheets that convert DocBook to  
>> MS  WordML (and Apple Pages), and also from WordML back to  
>> DocBook,  achieving "roundtripping" of a document.  It would be  
>> good to also  support OpenDocument for roundtripping.  Are you  
>> planning on doing  the reverse transformation as well?
> Well, I'll first have to try DocBook->ODF and see how it goes.  
> Going in the other direction sounds a lot more difficult.
> This is partly a learning exercise. I know people who could write a  
> very good transformation, but right now they are working on more  
> important XSLT's (for HTML and later XSL-FO).

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