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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to publish DocBook?

Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
> As Mauritz points out, the stylesheets are for both v4 and v5,
> though there are still certain limitations in the v5 support.
> That is, you can use the same set of stylesheets -- currently
> v1.69.1 -- for both DocBook v4 and v5 doc instances, but if your
> v5 instances include certain markuup which is not valid in v4, you
> may find that you don't always get the output you'd expect.

Alright, thanks. I'll use those then.

The thing is... the whole reason why I need the stylesheets is because I 
don't know what output to expect. I want to write an XSLT from DocBook 
to OpenDocument and I want to use the sample files + the stylesheet to 
know what my XSLT should do.

In any event, thanks for the help.

      /\/`) http://oooauthors.org
     /\/_/  http://opendocumentfellowship.org
    \/_/    I am not over-weight, I am under-tall.

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