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Subject: programlisting line wrap options

I am currently attempting to publish a docbook 4.4 document using the
html output of the docbook xsl stylesheets version 1.69.1. I have a
programlisting element around a textobject that has very long
lines. When I specify the programlisting width attribute of 80, the
resulting html output does not wrap. I looked in the latest version of
the docbook XSL definitive guide and added the recommended changes to
the monospace.verbatim.properties attribute set that turn on word-wrap
and set the hyphenation character to the backslash character. However
the html output still does not wrap. 

In looking over the mailing list archives, I get the impression that
this feature may be intended for the fo output type and not the html
output type. I am also using Xalan 2.6.0 and Xerces 2.7.0 to process
the xml into html if that makes any difference. 



"I aim to misbehave" - Malcom Reynolds, Captain/Owner of Serenity

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