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Subject: Question about <formalpara>


I'm trying to figure out how a <formalpara> should be displayed. The 
specification simply says that it's a paragraph with a title and is 
displayed "as a block". I'm not sure what it means by that though.

       <title>Some title</title>
     <para>Some para</para>

Judging from one of the test files, it looks like the <title> is 
expected to stay with the paragraph. What else?

Would you normally expect it to be indented more than a regular 
paragraph? Would you expect it to be on a frame with a border around it?

I realize that these visual details are not meant to be part of the 
specification. But since I'm converting into OpenDocument, I want to 
represent it as something close to what most users would expect.

I tried to turn a sample file into PDF using the stylesheets that came 
with the DB distribution, but it didn't work well. For example, the 
<title> tag was ignored completely.

Any help and suggestions would be most welcome.

      /\/`) http://oooauthors.org
     /\/_/  http://opendocumentfellowship.org
    \/_/    I am not over-weight, I am under-tall.

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