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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook in Education

I produce all training materials for my company's XML/XSLT courses
using DocBook, employing the roundtripping stylesheets to edit the
documents using a word processor (I happen to use Apple's Pages,
but others use that other software company's word processor ;-)

We use the DocBook XSL stylesheets to produce printed course notes,
with plentiful customisations to get the right look.  I've also  
and make available, XSL stylesheets to create Keynote slideshows
(I'll probably also look into PowerPoint in Office 12 if/when I get
hold of it) and also SVG slideshows (very cool, especially for non- 

BTW, IMO supporting SVG is better than (fancy) Flash; the tools to
generate SVG (ie. XSLT) are readily available (and free, in most cases).
SVG viewers are starting to become available.

Regards from hot, sunny Australia!
Steve Ball


Steve Ball            |   XSLT Standard Library   | Training & Seminars
Explain         |     Web Tcl Complete      |   XML XSL Schemas
http://www.explain.com.au/ |      TclXML TclDOM        | Tcl, Web  
Steve.Ball@explain.com.au  +--------------------------- 
Ph. +61 2 6242 4099   |   Mobile (0413) 594 462   | Fax +61 2 6242 4099

On 27/01/2006, at 9:31 PM, Thomas, Ludger wrote:

> Dear all,
> Who else is interested in using Docbook for educational purposes e.g.,
> for producing e-Learning content, training media, slides? I would be
> interested in sharing some experiences. Has anybody worked out a
> solution for the integration of IMS Qti in DocBook or for the  
> generation
> of fancy flash from DocBook?
> Best wishes from snowy Germany.
> Ludger Thomas
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