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docbook-apps message

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Subject: Docbook2odf has been released today in pre-alpha version!

So as I have promised I am releasing XSLT filters with conversion script 
in first testing version. Examples also with testing implementation of 
OASIS corporate identity.

Goal of this project is to create filters which will be able to give 
high quality output which will not need to be modified further, directly 
for digital distribution (odf or pdf) or for print.
Using templates filter are able to format not only the text but also 
presentations (from DocBook slides) or other documents from OpenDocument 

Project is hosted on sourceforge, current XSLT for download is available at:

I would like to ask you, if you are interested in this project, to test 
it, provide feedback, proposals, comments, patches, anything using 
project pages at:
or via email to fordinal@webcom.sk.

Thanx! :)

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