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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook2odf has been released today in pre-alphaversion!

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Surely you know that I've been working on an XSLT to turn DocBook into 
> OpenDocument. Since I have been posting on this list about it often.

Yes, I know you work on similar project. I am thinking that we could 
consider joining our projects, but there might be a problem - we are not 
following same goals.

My goal is to get maximal effect in conversion and there may be a price 
to pay by support of fewer docbook tags (although I want to support all 
of them). My goal is also not just to convert articles but also to 
convert book and slides (especially slides are top priority for me).

Whole effort is directed to create instantly usable conversions in 
corporate sphere (I am implementing this in our company). My decisions 
was to publish these transformations under GPL license, to get feedback 
from larger audience, maybe also from other developers and testers. 
Based on results and progress of this project, there might be other open 
projects developed (like OpenWSS on sourceforge.net).

So by this I would like to ask anyone who downloaded docbook2odf from 
sf.net, to send any requests, feedback, bugs to me.

I would like to finish it in time horizon of month or two (release 
candidate version).

> I can't take a look at your work because SF is acting up. But I notice 
> that there is no license listed yet.

Yes, but license is included in tar.gz.
Project is licensed under GPL (v2), and I am able to see that in admin 
mode, but there is no reflection of this fact in summary page, for 
unknown reasons. I will try to fix that.

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