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Subject: docbook-slides as a drop in

HI all,
Its been a while since I last posted..

I once made a presentation about docbook/xml in powerpoint. The original powerpoint file no longer exists, but I do have the physical slides.

I would like to use docbook-slides as a dropin replacement to powerpoint and I thought of using svg or css (I just googled and found some css tricks)http://infimum.dk/HTML/slantinfo.html and http://www.designdetector.com/tips/3DBorderDemo2.html

The slides in question use visio like shapes and connectors to illustrate points, but there is no actual graphics on the slide. What I see with docbook-slides is basically text with the abilitiy to insert grahics.

What I want is a way to insert a simple shape ie circle square and triangle and connectors which have labels inside plus text like in the docbook-slides and be able to position them using css(html) and xslfo for pdf.

Is there something out there that does this already? how hard would it be to make docbook-slides do this?

Am I crazy (DON'T ANSWER THAT) :)

I am not sure if docbook-slides supports svg (not linking but dropping it in).

do the xsl style sheets permit the same hacks that that regular docbook does?


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