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Subject: Question regarding links when chunking


this is my first post here...

I am using docbook as an "intermediate" format for translating latex to 
docbook (with tex4ht) to htmlhelp.

Everything works really fine, with one exception:

Links are done like this in my document:

url="#Ortsflaechen" >Orts&#xFB02;&#x00E4;chen</ulink>

And the target is like this:

id="Ortsflaechen" >

If I translate the docbook to htmlhelp with no chunking (one big file), 
then the links continue to work.

If however I do chunking (which is advisable in my case), the links no 
longer work.

The links in the generated html-source look as follows:

<a href="#Ortsflaechen" target="_top">

which of course cannot work, as the target is in a differend document now.

I´m quite sure that there must be a simple solution to this, but I 
didn´t find anything in the docs, so I hope someone here can help me.

Also I would like to take the opportunity to excuse myself that I was 
not able to read the whole documentation and all books about docbook and 
that I only read those parts that seemed relevant to my problem. So it 
is likely that I overlooked something, and if this is the case, I am 
deeply ashamed but nevertheless hope that someone can help me without 
requiring me to read some hundreds of pages of documentation...

Thanks in advance,


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