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Subject: common/dtd/svg11/svg-style.mod

Hello docbook-apps,

Inside svg-style.mod, there is an entity, SVG.style.attlist.
(Apparently - I'm not too good at reading SGML - ) it's xml:space
attribute is set to preserve:

<!ENTITY % SVG.style.attlist "INCLUDE" >
<!ATTLIST %SVG.style.qname;
    xml:space ( preserve ) #FIXED 'preserve'
    type %ContentType.datatype; #REQUIRED
    media %MediaDesc.datatype; #IMPLIED
    title %Text.datatype; #IMPLIED

The entity reference to SVG.Core.attrib also sets the xml:space
attribute (svg-core-attrib.mod):

<!ENTITY % SVG.space.attrib
    "xml:space ( default | preserve ) #IMPLIED"

<!ENTITY % SVG.Core.extra.attrib "" >

<!ENTITY % SVG.Core.attrib

In my Docbook+MathML+SVG build scripts, xmllint is complaining about
this, saying that the space attribute is already set. My question to
you is:

Is this warning pertinent? I am able to get rid of it by deleting the
line beginning with xml:space (but I am worried that it could have
unknown effects in the future).

I have other problems I am trying to solve, and I am wondering if this
is the source.

In case you want to know about the other problems, I am having trouble
making my docbook xsl html customization layer call the xhtml
customization layer and apply the w3c mathml xsl sheet (to make
regular html from xhtml+mathml, but all in one step so I don't have to
worry about, for example, the file names of chunks).

Thank you for your time,
Chris Chiasson

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