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Subject: escaping characters in toc.hhc



Here is the error I keep getting when a special character is in a title element.

Error at xsl:copy-of on line 338 of file:/D:/Tools/XSL/docbook/html/chunker.xsl:

  Output character not available in this encoding (decimal 8220)

Transformation failed: Run-time errors were reported


This in turns breaks the toc.hhc file and the index.  When the CHM is opened the left side toc has only a path the location where the toc broke (even thou other files build they are not displayed in the toc), which is not necessarily the title with the special character.  When I remove the special character everything is fine and when I add it to the escape-attr.


My source xml has the “ and ”.  I tried to modify by creating a customization that changes the dingbat key to quot and changing the saxon.character.representation to native but neither seems to work.  

Other than adding each of these special characters to the escape-attr template is there another way I can get the special characters to convert to the entity instead of the decimal characters? 



Thanks in advance,


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