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Subject: JavaHelp TOC and profiling

Hi all,

I tried to search the list archives to see if there was a solution to
this, but I couldn't seem to find it addressed. Apologies if this is the
15 millionth time it's been asked...

I'm trying to single-source a doc and spit out a PDF and a JavaHelp
system using profiling. Mostly it works pretty fine, but one thing that
has flummoxed me is that the jhelptoc.xml TOC file for the TOC pane that
the stylesheets generate includes all the chapters in my book, not just
the ones with no id or id="helptopic". Since the rest of it seems to
work the way it should, there are no html files chunked out for those
chapters, but the are listed in the TOC.

Now previously I only checked the final JavaHelp files into the source
code tree for the product, so I could live with some small amounts of
manual cleanup. But now we want to check in the XML source file and let
Ant make the PDF and the Help files, so I have to get it all to fall out
beautifully at the end with no manual intervention. 

I'm using docbook-xsl-1.69.1


Alan C. Oehler
Sr. Technical Writer
XenSource, Inc.
Phone: 650.798.5900 x 240

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