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Subject: Using xsltproc in eclipse ANT build file causes problems


I'm using Eclipse as an editor on a windows OS, and also an ANT build file. I'm using it to build
website with docbook. A snapshot of the build file looks like this:

      <target name="xslt-web">
            <exec executable="${xsltproc}\xsltproc.exe">
                  <env key="XML_CATALOG_FILES" value="catalog.xml"/>
                  <!--env key="XML_DEBUG_CATALOG" value="1"/-->
                  <arg line="--xinclude"/>
                  <arg line="--stringparam collect.xref.targets yes"/>
                  <arg line="--stringparam output-root ${build}"/>
                  <arg line="--stringparam olink.debug 1"/>
                  <arg line="--stringparam website.database.document
                  <arg line="--stringparam target.database.document ${basedir}\olinkdb.xml"/>
                  <arg line="${website}/chunk-tabular.xsl"/>
                  <arg line="${src}\autolayout.xml"/>

My problem is, that the stylesheet cant find website.database.xml and olinkdb.xml, cause the olink
debug outputs No Match...

I have tried to write the same commands in a windows bat file, and here it works... Any suggestions

Best regards
Erling Zachariassen Eybye

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