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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Images, file-naming conventions, and cross-referencing in Docbook

Thanks Thomas,
I've included the <?dbhtml...> element and it achieves the required results. With regard to my missing image, I assumed that Docbook would also copy my image files to the output html folder as part of the conversion process but this is not the case, so I guess I need to copy the image files over manually or is there a workaround or a way of customizing eclipse.xsl to copy the files? Perhaps we will have to include an ant script to copy the images to the output folder.
Thanks for your help.
On 2/17/06, Thomas, Ludger <Ludger.Thomas@iese.fraunhofer.de> wrote:
1. Can you provide me some information about the final output of your
html transformation, e.g. by posting the html code around the generated
img tag? That might help. Are you sure the html file and the image are
in the same directory?

2. I did the same using processing instructions. Insert the following
text as a child element of your chunks ( e.g., section): <?dbhtml
There's also the possibility to use the element's id as filename. Set
the param <xsl:param name="use.id.as.filename" select="1"/> and the
element's id="myfilename"



From: Christine Doyle [mailto:christine.doyle@gmail.com]
Sent: Freitag, 17. Februar 2006 12:01
To: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [docbook-apps] Images, file-naming conventions, and
cross-referencing in Docbook

I'm new to Docbook and am investigating converting our RoboHelp files to
Docbook format to enable TOC generation for Eclipse plugin help. If we
move to Docbook we can automate our help into the build process.

I'm now using the Oxygen eclipse plugin on Windows to author my
documents in Docbook 4.4 format. It provides very good validation and
content assistance and a Docbook framework. I tried running the
eclipse.xsl transform on one of my sample books using the Oxygen plugin
in Eclipse, but found that although the transform omits a successful
message, no output was produced. I have now succeeded in running the
eclipse.xsl transform using the command line for the saxon xslt

java  -jar dir/saxon.jar   [options]   source-document   stylesheet   [

For example:
java -jar c:/eclipse/plugins/com.oxygenxml.editor_7.0.0/lib/saxon.jar
works/docbook/xsl/eclipse/eclipse.xsl base.dir="html/concepts/"

I have two main questions:

1. My images are not displaying. Here is an example of one that is not

       <imageobject role="html">
         <imagedata fileref="blah_2b.png" format="PNG"></imagedata>

Can anyone suggest why this image would not display? It is in the same
folder as the XML file that references it. Note that I am working from
within an Eclipse project directory. Could this be an issue? Or is there
a problem with the syntax? Do I need to declare blah_2b.png as an entity
somewhere or place it in a different location?

2. When I run eclipse.xsl, the Docbook HTML files that are produced have
automatically generated file names, using a numeric convention, for

Writing pr01s02.html for section
Writing pr01s03.html for section
Writing pr01s04.html for section
Writing pr01s05.html for section
Writing pr01s06.html for section
Writing pr01.html for preface
Writing ch01s02.html for sect1
Writing ch01.html for chapter
Writing ch02s02.html for sect1
Writing ch02s03.html for sect1
Writing ch02.html for chapter
Writing index.html for book
Writing toc.xml
Writing plugin.xml

These file names do not match my source XML file names, which are
mnemonic, based on the content. This means that all of my original
Robohelp cross-references are broken. How can I customize the file
naming generation process? Also, what is the best way to create
cross-references between files? There seem to be several Docbook
elements for cross-referencing, and as I'm new to Docbook, it's quite
confusing. I'm using Docbook 4.4.

<link> seems to be the easiest way to do internal references but what
about between chapters? Should I provide an id for every section and
link to sections using <ulink>?

I'd appreciate any advice.


Christine Doyle

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