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Subject: Re: equations

/ "Chris Chiasson" <chris.chiasson@gmail.com> was heard to say:
| As you mentioned in the other email, since math isn't a child of
| mediaobject, two equations must be created. Since two equations are
| created, the author needs two ids to validate. If there are two ids to
| reference, the author needs two xrefs.

Why not do it this way:

<equation xml:id="myeqn" condition="mathmlok">
<equation xml:id="myeqn" condition="nomathml">

Then you can just use <xref linkend="myeqn"/>. You can't validate the
un-profiled version which is kind of a drag, but since you don't plan
to publish the unprofiled version, it's probably safer to validate the
profiled version(s).

| On a related note, I respectfully request an equation element (or way
| of processing the current equation element) that is numbered but does
| not have a title and does not appear in lists of equations.

I believe that's the intended semantic of equation without a title.
But the stylesheets might not yet have caught up with that understanding.

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